Technical Characterisation

Effective communication is essential for successful collaboration. In my experience, it can be difficult to explain complex weave structures and their possibilities to others. To address this challenge, I have developed tools that help to understand the technical possibilities and limitations of weaving.

When working with collaborators that have never worked with weaving, it can be good to first explain some basics. In my experience, it works best if they can see and feel how weaving works, and to do this, I created a simple, yet effective hand-loom that you can use during your collaborations. All you need to make a loom like this, is a4 size cardboard, some thread and paper strips. The weave-structures printouts can be found here


In addition to this cardboard loom, I also created visualisations of different weave structures showing differences in yarn interlacements in weave structures. I often use these to communicate how a weave structure can determine the properties of a textile to my collaborators. The Visualisations can be downloaded here.

Weaving drafts simple and complex weaves_Tekengebied 1